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Shalini Ramanathan, RES Americas, VP Origination

Shalini Ramanathan is VP Origination for RES Americas, a leading developer and constructor of wind, solar, and energy storage projects. Ms. Ramanathan has closed multiple deals with nearly $2B in total transaction value, In 2013, she completed a deal to sell green power to Microsoft, the first-ever wind power purchase agreement for that company. She has transacted with numerous utilities, including Xcel Energy, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, and Arkansas Electric Coop. Ms. Ramanathan previously worked for CAMCO in East Africa and for the National Renewable Energy Lab. She holds degrees from UT Austin and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Connect: CSR
Interested in meeting:Major corporates with an interest in green energy.


Shalini Ramanathan, RES Americas, VP Origination


Oct 5
3:30pm – 5:45pm

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