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Wendy Dunnam Tita, Page Architects, Principal

Wendy is a Principal with Page. She directs Interior Architecture and Design and is a trusted creative partner in developing brand architecture for Corporate, Multi Family, and Hospitality clients. Her work emphasizes, the client as “muse” and fully immersive design.

Coaching: Design + Marketing
Topics: Developing architectural design that embodies brand and culture, Creating a healthy, creative workplace, Office space design, and how knowing how the brain works can influence design and architecture.

Consult with Wendy on how to create your company's best work environment and how to create an office space that embodies your company's brand and ethos. Consult with Wendy on current research related to healthy workplace design


Wendy Dunnam Tita, Page Architects, Principal


Oct 7
9:30am – 11:45am

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