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Niyanta Spelman, Rainforest Partnership, Executive Director

Niyanta Spelman is the founder and executive director of Rainforest Partnership, an international nonprofit organization that protects tropical rainforests. By helping Amazon rainforest communities find and develop opportunities to make a sustainable income from the forest itself – sustainably gathering and selling palm fibers, building an eco-lodge for birdwatchers, or making and selling artisan products - Rainforest Partnership helps them protect their forest and their way of life. Established in 2007, her Austin-based organization is now also creating a global community of Rainforest Partners to raise awareness about the importance of tropical rainforests and to reduce deforestation.

Connect: Causes

Interested in meeting: People that are looking to partner with us whether it's someone with a product like Flash Tattoos or coffee (two current partnerships) or someone that has operations in South America, or is active in climate change and avoided deforestation (like Unilever) or someone that might want to partner with us on our education, sound or film initiatives.


Niyanta Spelman, Rainforest Partnership, Executive Director


Oct 6
9:30am – 11:45am

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