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Eileen Quigley, NRDC, Sustainability Manager

Eileen is the Sustainability Manager at NRDC. She manages their capital improvement projects, oversees tasks related to real estate and educates on their environmental building practices. Under her guidance, two offices have been certified under the Living Building Challenge, firsts of their kind.

Connect: Causes

Interested in meeting: Anyone who wants to learn how to make their spaces more environmentally restorative and healthier for the occupants. I encourage people from any sector to meet with me but I am most interested in meeting like-minded not-for-profits who might most benefit from my advice in making the “business case” and managing a budget for our sector. My goal is to create a coalition of parties who are interested in changing the healthy materials market. I’m also interested in meeting designers, contractors and manufacturers that can affect how a space is formed and what goes in it.


Eileen Quigley, NRDC, Sustainability Manager


Oct 6
9:30am – 11:45am

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